Oblivion To You All

by Noctilucant



'Oblivion to you all' is the sixth release from dark ambient project, Noctilucant, and the proper continuation of the story started on, 'Back to the Mud.' 'Oblivion to you all' sees the world now sparsely populated, this is after the apocalypse, when many humans have fallen and those that remain standing are left to deal with a world that has changed into something 'else...'

[-- Late night listening via trusty headphones is recommended --]


released July 18, 2016

Wrote and recorded between October 2015 to May of 2016. All music, voices, ambiance, field recordings, noise, words and text by Noctilucant AKA Joseph J Mlodik.

Voice on ‘Introspective Dissolution’ by Kara Phillips of Magma Dragon [magmadragon.bandcamp.com]

Voice on 'Back into the Hole Where I was Born' by Steve Keiller of Rick and Steve's Fire For Effect [soundcloud.com/rasffe]

Voice & screams on ‘Oblivion To You All’ by Michael Barnett of Fear-Modern-Man [fearmodernman.bandcamp.com]

Cover Artwork created by Maia of Glitch Witch [facebook.com/glitchwitch.art]

Some field recordings taken from ASMR Vids [https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbXFAWK8hIETUStFEazmsFA]


"In his sixth release Oblivion To You All (OTYA), Noctilucant crafts an arresting post-apocalyptic tale. He explores a civilization lost to nuclear fallout and traverses its stygian streets." - From Corners Unknown



"I found myself instantly attracted to the concept of dark ambient album Oblivion To You All. Anything that is dark and atmospheric, with a dose of wandering menace is something that will have my ears prickling in anticipation." - Casey Douglas



"This album is wonderfully cinematic, more so than any album I’ve heard, it feels almost like an audiobook, but the listener fills in the story based on the sounds. I highly recommend this album, listen to it carefully, without any interference; every detail is important." - Resounding Footsteps



"Oblivion To You All is a very well produced album and the level of skill this talented artist is noted" - Brutal Resonance



"This is very much a dark ambient album but there are elements that you would usually expect to hear in other genres of dark music. Many ambient works maintain a steady dynamic level throughout with little (if any) change in atmosphere and mood. This is not one of those albums. Prepare to be compelled on a physical, emotional and spiritual level with the ever changing emanations and undertones." - Terra Relicta



"With this album it has an early CMI feel with bands like Aghast , Sephiroth and Raison D'Etre in it's vision and over all presentation. There is a pain that you get in the pit of your chest when you know there is no happiness or joy left and the sounds that come from this album are just that."
-Absolute Zero Media




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Noctilucant Wisconsin

Originally initiated as a dark cinematic ambient entity in 2015 exploring themes of ruin, loss, and despair during an apocalyptic age; the project has also dove deep into the unknown ocean depths, meandered through unfathomable nightmares, dabbled in soundtrack work and taken listeners to completely unidentifiable realms. ... more

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Track Name: Introspective Dissolution
“It’s been three months since the apocalypse. Power plants have failed, and shrouded us in blackness. Lethal chemicals and seeped into the water supply and transmuted many of us into something else. Large parts of otherwise warm habitable bodies of land have mysteriously frozen over and ushered in a new ice age. The very air we once breathed outside has become noxious and destroyed most of what we once considered beautiful. The world we knew has changed, the world we knew is gone.”

“A stench of death grips the air, the end is here. And as desperation turns into disorder, who amongst us will survive in this world of ruin? Oblivion… To…. You… All”
Track Name: Back into the Hole where I was Born
“I stand here alone. And reminisce on a life, a life I once lived. I page through the memories. The memories of my wife, my child, my home. Everything, everything is gone. All I have left of them is a photo album, but a photo album, is just an album. They’re gone, and I’ll never see them again. I’ll never forget. I’ll never forget the way they screamed. They screamed for my help. My family screaming for help. There was nothing I could do. The pain wont be long now. Soon I’ll be joining you. The end is near. Death is near. Goodbye.”
Track Name: Oblivion To You All
"Oblivion... To... You... All!"

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